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Nico Web Technologies LLP is a premier internet marketing and web development company. Nico offers the best possible internet marketing and promotion services, spanning areas like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PPC Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Our bright team of experts and analysts have served more than 500 clients from all over the globe, and have worked on more than 4000 websites.

What exactly is Internet Marketing or SEO?

Internet marketing is a dynamic and ongoing process of getting your potential clients and customers closer to you by using different digital marketing techniques and the internet as a medium of communication. The entire process involves SEO, SEM, Keyword Analysis, Search Engine Competition Analysis, Web Page Optimization & Validation, Off – Page Link Building and Promotion, Social Media and Viral marketing, Email campaigns, media buys, etc.

We are different

We truly understand your business, and know that search rankings, advertisement campaigns, etc. would mean NOTHING to you unless they are directly responsible for producing quantifiable results. This is where Nico differs from other e-marketing and SEO companies on the block. We understand your needs, your goals, and then suggest the best strategy that should be followed (after necessary research and analysis, such as site audit, competition analysis, market saturation, etc.) in order to achieve those goals.

Nico also follows a CLEAR and TRANSPARENT communication channel, constantly updating our clients about work-in-progress, sending weekly reports and discussing future plans. Hence, you can minutely monitor your project and let us fine tune the dynamics of the website and marketing campaigns, as per your requirements.
It does not matter whether you currently have an internet presence or not. We can build your website, host it, and help you reach your customers.

Our Working Style:

  • Analyze - Our operation starts with analyzing the requirements of your project and the strength of your competitors.

  • Organize - Setting a challenging target, and arranging resources in place to achieve those targets.

  • Consult and Educate - We constantly keep our clients educated and updated regarding the work-in-progress; at times asking them for their valuable suggestions.

  • Execute - We always inform our clients about our targets and the processes we follow in order to achieve the same. If any kind of changes are to be implemented, we do it with the consent and approval of the client.

  • Track - We evaluate the progress of our work on a monthly basis and send you monthly reports, in order for you to monitor our work and performance.

To summarize the above. We believe that a long lasting relationship requires ONE thing
alone – COMPLETE Transparency.

When working with Nico, you can expect 24*7 immediate support, regular communication, cost-effective solutions (no hidden costs), transparent transaction and strategy analysis, and most important of all a high return on your investment (ROI). The best way to know how Nico can help you is to simply contact us, or you can even browse through our SEO Services for more information.

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Our Proven SEO Results

  • Ranking No. 1 among 4,240,000 competing web pages on Google for “Buy Darjeeling Tea”.
  • Ranking No. 2 among 30,50,0000 competing web pages on Google for “Aluminium Casting Manufactures”.
  • Ranking No. 1 among 28,50,000 competing web pages on Google for “Vitamin C Overdose”.

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